Why not Normalize Relations With Cuba?

It was reported today that the administration is abandoning its long-time restrictions on the ability of Cuban-Americans to visit and send money to family members on the island.  According to the article in the New York Times, the White House was not willing to normalize relations with Cuba.  I would like to know why the U.S. doesn’t want lift travel restriction for all Americans, as well as start to build diplomatic ties with it and why the Cuban exile community opposes any softening of American policy?  


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2 Responses to “Why not Normalize Relations With Cuba?”

  1. Marina Torres Says:

    I agree. We encourage unrestricted trade with a nations like China, Vietnam and most other communist countries (what’s left of ’em). We even traded with the Soviet Union back when they were our sworn enemy. I think it’s time to end the trade/travel embargo against Cuba. I think there are special interest groups (such as the tobacco industry) that works to keep the embargo intact.

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  2. Jessica Taylor Says:

    The restrictions should have been lifted ages ago but the anti-cuban factions are large in Florida and Florida is always a swing state, so the chances are unlikely, until Fidel castro dies.

    Basically, China became too powerful to ignore, and so Nixon started the normalization of relations and it grew from there. No one really cared that they were communists — they were an opportunity to make money, and we really didn’t have that much investment left in China after WW2, so when the commies took over and nationalized everything, it was not a big deal.

    Trade has exploded as China opened its markets once it realized it had a huge captive workforce and the party bosses realized that they could make a lot of money by selling it cheap to foreign corporations. So they quietly introduced reforms that would rationalize the communist dogma while allowing the power elite to retain power. They are now capitalists even though the sign on the outside still says communist. So the almighty dollar opened up China and morphed communism into capitalism.

    With Cuba, Fidel overthrew the corrupt and brutal Batista regime. He tried to make nice with the US, but was rejected, so he went looking for friends elsewhere and found Soviet Russia. At the time of the revolution, some 75% of Cuba’s arable land was owned by foreign corporations, and it was a playground for rich Americans wanting to cut loose (casinos, prostitution, etc). So when he nationalized, the foreign (i.e. American) investors and Cuban upper classes lost everything and had to clear out. That is the root of the problem, and I think a lot of expats want to regain property that they lost. Blocking trade with Cuba is punishment for taking away the assets of American businesses and the Cuban upper class.


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