Can America Afford to Tell The World’s Best and Brightest to Work Someplace Else?


In yesterday’s New York Times there was an article on the front page entitled, “A Google Whiz Searches for His Place on Earth.”  The article quotes Craig R. Barrett, the Chairman of Intel who concludes, “We are watching the decline and fall of the United States as an economic power – not hypothetically, but as we speak.”  He blames a slouching education system that cannot be easily fixed, but says a stopgap measure would be to let companies hire more foreign workers.


I worked for Lehman 20 years and am looking for work now as a lawyer.  While I am concerned about my future, I am just as concerned about having the U.S. continue outdated and outmoded immigration policies that have a chilling effect on the best and brightest students who first come to our colleges and universities to study and then desire to add value at American companies by staying to work in the U.S. 


I expect that permitting these students to work in the U.S. will only strengthen U.S. companies, allow them to prosper in a tough economy and have a economic and cultural multiplier effect for us all.  In addition, any one of  these exceedingly bright young people can be the entrepreneurs for the next Google.  Simply put, can we truly afford to tell the best and brightest from other countries to look for work elsewhere?  


I encourage your comments on this important topic          




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One Response to “Can America Afford to Tell The World’s Best and Brightest to Work Someplace Else?”

  1. Vi Says:

    America was used to welcome all talents to her country. In near past, my personal think that two events have significant effects on American immigration policy. One is 911 attack and the other is financial crisis. All these are related to security and protectionism. It is human nature that if someone starts to attack and threat you, you won’t open door and hug him anymore instead you seek for protection. I don’t really blame on tighten policies because it is still much easier to move in and/or be citizens in the USA compared to many other developed countries. However, there is a trade-off between protectionism and competition. Absorbing the most talents will keep USA and USA companies as a leading position. However, inappropriate freely openness will give someone opportunities to destroy American’s leading position. Who wants America to be the strong and powerful country? I think only Americans do. How many Americans are in the world? It’s very few. In the view of government, sometimes country defense is much important than private sector’s profits.

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